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About Seoni

Seoni also known as Suni or Sunni, is a very small town inside the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the tehsils of Shimla district and a Nagar Panchayat in itself. This town has maintained its rustic lifestyle amidst the beautiful scenery and green ambience. The residents of the place are mostly villagers, who live in their small homes. One can completely get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe in the pure atmosphere.

About Seoni
Jakhu Temple Park

Geography of Seoni

The town of Seoni or Suni is at the exact geographical co-ordinates of 31.24°North latitude and 77.12°East longitude. The entire tehsil is spread over an area of 1.8 square kilo meters and has an average elevation of 2198 feet or 670 metre. The yearly climate condition is in general dry with April to July witnessing the hot weather. May and June here are the hottest months with temperature touching almost 39.6 degree celcius. July to September is the monsoon period when locals can enjoy monthly average rainfall of 600mm. With rainfall the mercury level drops giving an overall cool climate. October to March is the best season to visit Seoni. The overall climate prevailing during this season is cool and dry. December to February is pretty cold with temperature dropping to almost 6 degree Celsius. Days are quite cold while night time is pretty freezing. Warm woollens are a must for tourists. Light drizzles also take place during winter time. One must carry umbrella to avoid the cold bite. The entire Shimla falls under the catchment area of three perennial rivers, Sutlej, Pabbar and Giri. The Sutlej river flows down from the Mansarovar Lake, enters Shimla district at Badhal and then travel by the side of the Seoni tehsil. This river is the main source of water for all the villages present inside Seoni.

Demography of Seoni

As per population Census of 2011, the total population of this tehsil is approximately, 2591 of which about 1401 comprises of the male population and 1190 are female. The literacy rate in this region is around 90.20% which is quite high compared to the overall literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh. The male literacy rate as per census is about 90.48% with female population not lagging behind with a rate of 89.87%. Majority of the local population (32.07%) is under the category of Scheduled Caste, while 0.50% comprise of the Scheduled Tribe. The population of children under the age group of 6 years is 10.96% of the total residents. Hindi has remained the official language of this region. Apart from that, locals speak in various Pahari dialects like, Kangri, Dogri, Sirmauri and Keonthali. All of these are modifications of the ancient Indo-Aryan language.

Administration of Seoni

Seoni is under the direct administration of the Shimla Municipal Council. The entire district has been segregated into two municipal committees and 6 area committees. Seoni is an area committee and a Nagar Panchayat in itself. The entire area has been broken administration wise into 7 wards with number of ward members. This entire structure is headed by the Chairman or Executive Officer. This chairman is the head of operations of the entire Seoni Area Committee. The ward members or councillors go through an election procedure after every 5 years to select their Chairman. There are more than 700 households under the Seoni Nagar Panchayat. Supply of all the basic amenities like power, water and sanitation are being looked upon by the Panchayat committee. The Chairman is responsible for tax and other revenue collections, public infrastructures and other utility services. The district municipality looks after the entire region’s water supply, drainage system, waste disposal system, adult literacy programs, roads and street light maintenance and record of births and deaths in all the tehsils.

Deputy Commissioner
District Shimla (H.P)
Off : 0177-2655988
Fax: 0177-2653535
Res: 0177-2803400

Tourist Attractions in Seoni

The town of Seoni and its surroundings is well known for their scenic beauty. There are no popular tourist spots present in this region. The beauty of the snow clad mountains during winters is what attracts tourists. Some of the amazing view points like Naldhera are near Seoni. The main town of Shimla is just 48 kms away from the Seoni town. The Rihali Fair is the main festival of this place. This Fair is basically a place for social as well as cultural integration. The residents of this region get soaked into the fun activities, folk music and dance performances, and the glitz of the shops selling varieties of products along with multiple food stalls. Puja ceremony is also performed of some local deity and many devotees pay visit.

Economy and Lifestyle of Seoni

Agriculture has remained the main occupation of the local residents. As per soil condition and land elevation the Seoni tehsil with its central town and surrounding villages fall in the valley area. The low lying lands with proper water resource have made Seoni suitable for agriculture of cereal crops. Seoni tehsil has remained a small town with not much development. More than 60% of the population enjoy the serene and country lifestyle. Most of the urban amenities like shopping malls and other recreational options are not present here. Amidst the greenery and fresh air people live in their small home mostly made of mud and clay. The main town of Seoni has still got some of the jostle, while the remaining part of the tehsil is still rural in nature. The main profession of most of the residents is farming. Almost every household has got their own piece of farm land where sowing is done. Both Kharif and Rabi crops are sown in these fields. The soil condition in this area is shallow and loamy-skeletal variety. Moreover, as Seoni is a part of the low lying valley hence it has remained perfect for production of cereal crops like, Rice, Wheat, Millet, Corn, Barley, Oat, Rye etc. There is a market for sale of these crops to the third party. Agrarian business has remained an important economic stimulator. There is no major industry present in this tehsil. Many people work as labourers in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. There is a small sector for local handicrafts. Many small shops are prevalent over here, where tourists can buy small knick knacks for their loved ones.

Healthcare in Seoni

Profile of Seoni

Healthcare facilities in Seoni are still at its nascent state with one or two clinics available. The government of Haryana has not given its due importance to these regions and hence Seoni has remained out of any recent growth. The main hospital of Seoni is the Suni Government Hospital on State Highway 13. This is a basic medical facility with limited resources. Well trained doctors and nurses are present to help the locals in times of emergency. There is only one operation theatre available. For complex health related problems the patients have to be transferred to the nearby reputed hospitals in Shimla. There are few small rehabilitation clinics present, where the local residents can visit to treat any small medical crisis.

Suni Government Hospital
Address: State Highway 13, Seoni, Himachal Pradesh, Sunni- 171301, India

Utility Services in Seoni

Seoni offers all the basic requirements to its local residents. There is only one post office which handles only delivery of important letters and documents. For the remaining postal requirements one has to visit the main post office of Shimla. This tehsils has got a single gas agency centre which caters almost the entire population. For any other important things like courier service and packers and movers, one can locate many services at Shimla main town. Travelling to Shimla is not at all a pain for the locals due to the presence of frequent local buses.

Sunni Bhajji Post Office (Sub Office Delivery)
Address: Sunni (Seoni) Taluk, Shimla District, Shimla-171301, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 0177-2786630

Alok Allied Agencies (HP Gas Agency)
Address: Diwan Mahal, Gandhi Chowk, Seoni, Himachal Pradesh- 171301
Phone No: 07692-220396, 07692-220630

Banks in Seoni

One of the most important financial intermediaries is a bank. Banks help in the economic development of any place. All the residents of any place must have access to any bank account, to save their wealth as well as to earn interest in return. Banks also offer variety of investment opportunities both short and long terms. Seoni only has got two bank branches present, which cater to the financial needs of the locals. The details for these branches are being provided below for reference.

YES Bank
Branch: Seoni (Sunni)
Address: The HP State Co-Operative Bank, PO: Suni, Tehsil Sunni, District Shimla, Himachal Pradesh - 171301
Phone: 01772656825

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Branch: Seoni (Sunni)
Address: Nagar Panchayat Building, PO: Sunni, Tehsil Sunni, District Shimla, Himachal Pradesh-171301
Phone: 08894861009
IFSC Code: SBIN0015030

Shopping in Seoni

Information on Seoni

While travelling to Seoni tourists can buy some local handicrafts from road side shops. One can get many shops selling woollen items for people in dismay. Verma Cloth House is the biggest store of apparels, which offer varieties of clothes for men, women and children. People living in and around Seoni do not desire for the latest fashion outfits. Youngsters can travel to Shimla to buy any latest apparels for themselves.

Hotels and Restaurants in Seoni

Seoni is a place of immense scenic beauty. The rocky land forms and green pastures with their beautiful views is what attract people. Most of the tourists are on a day trip to this place. They generally spend their night in Shimla main town. Nightlife is almost zero in Seoni as people retire to bed quite early. For all these reasons, this place does not offer any good hotels. One or two small motels are available. As for food, Black Coffee Café is one of the well known cafeterias present in Seoni. Located near the banks of Sutlej River, this homely café is kind of a small village joint. Other than this some road side food joints are also present, that generally offer momo and Maggi noodles.

Black Coffee Café
Address: Sunni (Seoni) Tehsil, Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh-171301

Transport in Seoni

Seoni can be reached via winding mountain roads from Shimla main town at a distance is just about 48 kms. Regular state buses shuttle between the two towns. Many tourists go on a biking spree along these roads. Local tourist taxis can also be availed to touch various locations along the entire Shimla district.The beautiful town of Seoni and neighbouring villages do not offer much in comparison to the regular urban life. The place is a quiet and picturesque location for people, who would love to get lost into the amazing natural beauty of the surroundings.

Seoni at a glance

Country : India
State : Himachal Pradesh
District : Shimla
Population (2005)
• Total : 2,836
• Official : Hindi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

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